What's Next For My Son / Daughter
There are many options for your son or daughter to move on after our introduction programs. Many will want to continue their hockey progression into a club or league with actual hockey games. Some may also just want to stay in the learn to skate program. With these options come a lot of questions, do I want my child to play in a travel or house league, what are the time commitments, costs, what does a season consist of practices/games, is my son/daughter ready to move on to the next level, equipment etc. These are all very common questions and whatever question you have we can help you with your decisions. The best way is to take each player and parent and discuss what’s best for you. Please always feel free to ask or email your questions to program director Jon Woodring or any of the on ice coaches.

Please go to our links page and check out all the informative websites. These can also help you in your decision making process.

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Coach/Director Jon Woodring